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Vacuum Forming Plastic

Vacuum Forming Plastic

Sweigard Inc. offers custom plastic vacuum forming for the aviation industry, automotive industry, movie industry and other parts for aircraft interior components. We can provide short run, quick turn, custom thermoform molding of ABS, Lexan, Baltron, Kydex, and other thermoform compatible sheet materials. We can mold finished goods up to 48″ x 48″. Use your molds or we can make them for you. Our in-house R & D and tooling teams can custom design and make molds in aluminum, wood or epoxy. No job is too complicated or too small.

The plastic services we offer at Sweigard are:

  • Vacuum thermoformed plastics.
  • Aviation plastics.
  • Automotive plastics.
  • Movie industry plastics.
  • Custom certified welding.
  • Custom tooling.
  • Product prototyping.
  • Plastic cutting, polishing, finishing, and fabrication.
  • Plastic production.

Sweigard Company, a division of Aero-Nasch Aviation Inc., has been producing vacuum thermoformed plastic products for over half a century. Under strict customer specifications, we make the forming tools and molds required for the job in our own tool shop.

We are a dynamic and successful organization with solid experience in our field. It is our mission to consistently meet or exceed the contractual requirements and expectation of our customers.

We recognize that our success is dependent on our ability to supply our customers with products that fully meet their needs, on time, and of the highest quality.

We are dedicated to achieving continuous improvement in customer satisfaction through a commitment to excellence in the development and production of thermoformed vacuum formed plastic products.